DataGrid, revamped comments, and more

1 Dec 2023
December 2023 Updates. Discover the versatility of DataGrid, enhanced file handling in comments, and other significant improvements.
* * *

Introducing DataGrid in documents and tasks

We've added a new feature to our documents and tasks: DataGrid. This allows you to create tables with data of various types, enhancing the way you organize and present information.

Check out the demo-case screenshots to see it in action. In the future, we'll introduce a similar section in the main menu, enabling you to create local databases within your space and utilize that data in dashboards and documents. Data Grid Data Grid usage example

Revamped comments system

Our comments system has received a significant update:

  • File upload improvements: No need to wait for files to fully upload before posting a comment anymore. Partially uploaded files will be appended to the comment or generate a new one on-the-fly. Plus, you can now upload files through a queue, sharing and saving the upload progress across different components.
  • Enhanced file handling: We've introduced a dropzone area for dragging and dropping files into the comment form, the ability to save fully uploaded files in draft comments, and options to physically delete files from unpublished comments. Files in published comments remain untouched.
  • File management: Renaming files attached to comments is now possible, and you can switch the image gallery in comments to a file list mode.

Other noteworthy updates

  • New dashboard widget — history: Create cards with historical data based on specific criteria, such as all closed tasks for User X on board Y.
  • Improved task search: Searching by HRID is now more straightforward. Instead of typing the full HRID, you can search using just the unique identifier, like 133.
  • Task creation from images: We've fixed bugs associated with creating tasks by dragging and dropping images into a board.

These updates are designed to make your workflow smoother and more intuitive. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the future!