Major enhancements for team collaboration and user interface revamp

25 Jul 2023
July 2023 updates. Introducing Advanced Team Features, Streamlined Invites, and Comprehensive UI Overhauls for an Improved User Experience.
* * *

We're excited to share with you the latest features and improvements in our July 2023 release!

Team collaboration enhancements

  • New Team Screens: Access groups have been introduced to bundle users and assign common access rights easily.
  • Access Matrix: Within access groups and the invite window, it's now possible to finely tune access to projects and boards.

Improved invite process

  • Revamped Invite Flow: Adding users has been simplified through search or email entry, applicable not just in the Invite window but across all user-invitation interfaces, such as during project or board creation.

UI enhancements

  • Redesigned Tables: Enjoy a new design across all tables, including History, Favorites, and Members, with added filters and sorting capabilities in certain areas.
  • Subtask Integration and Sorting: The subtasks section has been entirely redesigned, eliminating the switch toggle and integrating a new task creation feature directly from the search.

Board settings and document management

  • Updated Board Setting Interface: Sort types of boards with ease, and immediately add or modify groups (columns) when creating a new board.
  • New Document Sidebar: Enhance your documents by dragging blocks from the right panel, found under Document menu → Blocks. Plus, a new block - Table of Contents - has been added.

Miscellaneous enhancements

  • New Favorites, Archive, and History screens.
  • Notification Center updates.
  • Early version of user profile preview with limited functionalities.
  • Task type menu now includes a search feature.
  • Improved Sessions screen.
  • Milestones can now be added to Favorites.
  • Theme colors have been slightly modified for better readability and visual appeal.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop and refine our features to enhance your experience!