Space-specific URLs & UI refinements

10 Aug 2023
August 2023 updates. Navigate with ease and discover the enhanced AI Query and task management features.
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Space-Specific URLs

The current Space is now saved as the first parameter in the URL path, enabling the opening of different Spaces in adjacent browser tabs. This feature allows for seamless navigation across links from different Spaces without the need to switch.

UI Enhancements

  • AI query revamped: The AI Query feature in documents and tasks has been updated with a new look and now includes a preview while generating a query.
  • Sidebar project management: Projects in the sidebar can now be sorted and hidden, thanks to a new menu icon [...] in the Projects header.
  • Archived tasks indicator: Lists of tasks (subtasks, milestones, dashboard) now include an indication for archived tasks.
  • Milestone tasks grouping: In Milestone tasks, it's now possible to display and sort tasks by their group.
  • Enhanced task menus: Both Subtasks and Milestone tasks have been equipped with a comprehensive menu for each task, improving navigation and usability.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to enhance and refine our platform!