Notifications, docs, tasks and security features

1 Mar 2024
March 2024 updates. Improved email templates, task management, document improvements, and security updates.
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New features

  • Email template enhancements: Our email templates, including welcome emails and notifications, have received various fixes and improvements.
  • Action history service: A new history service tracks user actions, seamlessly integrating mail sending logic.
  • Custom field sorting and nanagement: Users can now sort and manage the visibility of custom fields in tasks more efficiently. The feature has new updated UI and functionality.
  • Editor interface improvements: Hotkey refinements and a more polished task list display enhance the editing experience.
  • Global invite modal enhancement: We've made inviting users easier with improvements to the global invite modal.
  • Document templates support: Support for document and comment templates has been added, alongside enhanced notification management.
  • PDF Viewer: View PDF documents directly within the application, improving document handling and accessibility.
  • Security and refactoring: Code refactoring, and security enhancements have been implemented.


  • Authentication fixes: Resolved sign in process issues.
  • Custom fields bug fixes: Users can now rename and remove custom fields.
  • Comment functionality improvements: Enhancements to adding links and mentions in comments.
  • Notification optimization: Fixed infinite update bugs and refined the notification sending logic.
  • UI improvements: Control elements visibility and visual glitch fixes.
  • Notification template enhancements: Corrections and improvements across various notification templates.

Other changes

  • Project and board settings enhancements: Flexible settings for projects and boards have been implemented.
  • Support for new notification types and templates: Expanded support for various notification scenarios.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and expand our features to enhance your platform experience.