Progressing towards first stable release

15 Apr 2024
April 2024 Updates. Enhancements and Fixes for improved usability and performance.
* * *

We are excited to announce the release of the latest update for our application, which includes numerous significant improvements and fixes aimed at enhancing performance and user experience. Here are the key changes:

Key features and resolved issues

  • Time zone localization: Times and dates in emails and notifications now reflect the user’s time zone, thanks to the new feature that saves the client's time zone when creating a member.
  • File management enhancements: A new maximum file size limit of 100 MB has been introduced, which checks the size before uploading to the server, along with added support for BPM file format.
  • Interface improvements: Stability and visual presentation have been enhanced, including fixes in the editor to prevent crashes and improve formatting of tables and formulas.
  • New settings and optimizations: Efficiency in access rights settings has been increased with the addition of new subtasks, improved task handling, and customization of fields.
  • Assignee and Member fields in tasks updated: It now can be selected as Many or Single.

New features

  • New table block in documents.
  • New feature that allows to copy task preview with link from the Task menu.


This update also resolves a range of bugs, including issues with pages hanging during loading, layout problems in email templates, and duplicate push notifications.

Moving towards stability

We are making great strides towards our first stable release and exiting the Closed Beta phase. This update is a critical step in that direction, ensuring that our platform meets all your needs with reliability and efficiency.

Thank you for your support and dedication to our product. Look forward to further improvements in future updates!