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Fast and secure

Fast and secure

Lighting fast, secure and reliable. Vaiz is built on top of the latest technologies.



Collaboration and reactiveness across the workflow. Stay up to date with your team.



Keep your project documentation in one place. Share with your team and clients.

Team management

Team management

Manage your team and projects with ease. Assign tasks, track progress and more.



Customize Vaiz to your needs. Choose from different tools, dashboards and settings.



Connect Vaiz with your favorite tools. Get the best out of your workflow.

AI Assistance

Through your workflow.

Vaiz provides an elegant interface that abstracts AI interactive functions to express your work.
AI Summary
The team will identify and fix sync issues by analyzing logs, testing collaboration under varying conditions, focusing on peak load testing, and regrouping in two days.
Byte Bolt
Byte Bolt
Hey team, we've got sync issues. Let's identify the causes and fix them.
Gandalf GrayData
Gandalf GrayData
I'll check the logs and server requests for errors.
Circulita Volt
Circulita Volt
And i'll organize tests to simulate document collaboration under different conditions.
Ethics Prime
Ethics Prime
Let's focus on peak load testing.
Fluxia Neon
Fluxia Neon
Great, let's regroup in two days. Thanks, everyone!
  • Generate tables
  • Find correlations
  • Generate statistics
  • Math operations
  • Generate reports
  • Help with data
  • Detect patterns
  • Remove duplicates
  • Find insights
  • Analyze data
  • Operate on data
  • Make predictions
  • Generate questions
  • Generate charts
  • Answer questions
  • Analyze data and lists
  • Create content on demand
  • Assist with tasks
  • Fill with placeholders
  • Detect language
  • Convert text to blocks
  • Assign to team members
  • Assist with projects
  • Write any language
  • Replace texts
  • Ask everything
  • Build blocks
  • Text optimization
  • Help with writing
  • Remind about tasks
  • Generate task titles
  • Generate comments
  • Summarizations
  • Logic checking
  • Correct spelling errors
  • Reformat texts
  • Create document
  • Generate and fill texts
  • Translate any language
Core development phase
Write a meeting plan for this milestone
SummarizeTranslateCheck logic Answer a questionRephraseShortenCorrect spelling

Meeting Objective

To kick off the core development phase,
ensure alignment on project goals,
timelines, responsibilities, and deliverables.


  • Project Manager
  • Development Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Stakeholders
Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT 4.0


Real-time everywhere.

Intuitive collaboration in every part of your workflow with real-time editing, commenting, and management.
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iPhone 15 Pro$9994$3,996
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MacBook Air
Edit docs and tasks,
Share your ideas, and
Collaborate Now!

Creativity & productivity

Editor tools,
Blocks and Features

Enables you to create shareable mega documents, tasks and notes with ease.

Todos, checklists & changelists

Create checklists and changelists to keep track of your things and products.

Bug fixed: Approved in v2.24.5
New feature: Will be available in v2.26.0
Regress: New bug found in v2.25.0

Data grids

Create tables and grids to organize and access nearly any type of data.

In use
API Server
QA Server

Images, Videos & Files

Add images and videos, upload files attachable to documents & tasks.

2 of 3 files
75% Uploading...
65% Uploading...

Mention everything

Internal and external resources, links to documents, tasks or people.

Hey, A. Einstein how’s it going? I’m working on a new project Manhattan and I’d like to get your feedback.

Dev tools

Add Code, Swagger, GraphQL tools, or IDE with own filesystem and code highlighting.

abstract class Module<T> {
  constructor(readonly opts: Opts<T>) {

Third party

Embed content from services like YouTube, GitHub, Figma, CodeSandbox and more.


Collaborate with your team in real-time, with comments and mentions.

This API is designed for seamless integration Sarahinto various applications requiring our data. The API returns data in JSONNathan format, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for developers.


Add metadata to your documents to show dates, times and special characters.

Hi, everyone in QA Team!
Please check all the features tomorrow at 10:00 AM after deploy, thanks.

History, Changelog & Activity

See the history of your document, activity and comments in one place.

A. Einstein changed description
R. Feynman changed due date to this Friday
J. R. Oppenheimer renamed this task

Science and math

Add equations, LaTeX, diagrams, 3D models, and more.

Erel=(m0c2)2+(pc)2 ⁣{\displaystyle {\begin{aligned}E_{\rm {rel}}={\sqrt {(m_{0}c^{2})^{2}+(pc)^{2}}}\,\!\end{aligned}}}

Drawing & diagrams

Draw, sketch, and create collaborative diagrams right in your documents.



Create navigation elements to help navigate your document tree.

Table of contents
Document tree